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Greenberg Company

Company work is based on high quality of work and professionalism. Greenberg employs both internal employees of basic staff and external employees according as needed. This system allows the use of knowledge of a lot of very educated people without the need of employing them for a full time.

Greenberg Company has knowledge and is experienced especially in following professional areas:

  • Software application SASPO, which is a comprehensive CRM system focused primarily on claims
  • Software solutions provided to design, develop, implement and improve the performance of the clients' business needs
  • Software implementation, maintenance and support
  • Economic, financial and trade advising according of the clients needs

As mentioned - we have a dedicated team of very experienced internal and external employees, who have a strong understanding of the needs of our clients. It enables the company to provide great projects and cooperate with famous companies.

Member of Greenberg & OŽNeill Ltd. Group